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Renaissance Custom Furniture

by Matthew Scott Williams

Hand-made Artisan Level Furniture guaranteed for life. Your design or ours to your specification. Any style from Contemporary to Antique Reproductions from the Old World with aged Patinaed finishes.

With pieces residing from New York to San Diego and yachts around the world, and featured in national woodworking magazines, Matthew S. Williams designs and crafts one of a kind, custom furniture to last generations. Inspired by English and French antiques to modern and neo-classical designs, his work is the collaboration of client ideas and the traditional aesthetics found in museums and state houses the world over.

As the creative talent behind Renaissance Custom Furniture, Matthew utilizes all aspects of furniture design and construction, from inlays, bamboo, and exotic woods to rustic ‘everyday’ woods and glass and metal fabrication in a environmentally conscious studio, combining them in show pieces that integrate form with function, green with grandeur. Matthew continues his study in art and traditional techniques to present each client with a showcase piece defined by sleek lines, elegant shape, and dynamic form.

To make your custom furniture dream a living reality, collaborate with Matthew to make the impossible possible. Visit his online portfolio to see the variety of projects he’s completed and begin the process of creating your own unique piece. Client confidentiality and exclusive projects guaranteed. All woodwork life-time guaranteed.