The Amazing Expanding Jupe’s Patent Table: In 1835, Robert Jupe patented ‘an improved expanding table, so constructed that the sections composing the surface may be caused to diverge from a common centre and that the spaces caused thereby may be filled up by inserting leaves or filling pieces.’ The stunning 8-pie sectioned-top simultaneously opens when twisted to allow for 8 dart-shaped leaves to be inserted, and with a reverse twist of the top, the table closes, expanding a small round table into a large round table with a few twists.

This versatile table is made from ayous wood veneer with a custom contemporary stained finish, and, as shown, was custom-made for a yacht and currently sails from Miami Beach.

A highly functional table. Well-suited for any tight spaces in which occasional or routine expansion of table size is needed to accommodate parties of a larger size, while retaining small-table intimacy in any room or location for regular use. Ideal for breakfast nook, wine room, dining room, conference room, or yacht settings.

Dimensions: 54″ closed, 72″ open, 30″ high (Round Jupe Table)
66 x 66 x 30 ” closed. Can be made of various sizes and styles per your needs